Social Media Traffic for Your Business

social media traffic for your business

There was a site Google had monopoly on web traffic. If you wanted high quality targeted traffic then Google was the best way. But now things have changed. New trend is Social Media Traffic for your business. No longer you have to worry about countless  rules and algorithm changes. Now Facebook alone receive more daily impressions than Google so you can see how  what kind of golden opportunity this is. These days nearly everyone below 30 has a smart phone or a tab. People no longer need Desktop or Laptop computers like they use to be. Now you can get done all your daily needs like checking mails, playing small games and connecting with other people by these smart phones.

This combo of Social Media and smart phones give us a great opportunity to stay in touch with our relatives and friends everyday, every minutes for a amazing cheap price. It’s hard to find these days people who doesn’t have a Facebook profile. Now this change has become a gold mine for Internet marketing people and those who want to expand their business through internet. You can use these social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin etc to gain not just traffic but also customers.

If you have a web site then social media can be a great source of high quality traffic. All you need to do is carefully research how to setup a traffic flow to your  web site from each of these major social sites. These sites attract different types of people in different age levels. Twitter has a big crowd of teens and young people who are interested in topics like entertainment, fitness, health etc. Pinterest is where you find many age 30+ females who are interested in things such as food recipes, fashion, home decoration, DIV stuff etc. Lindedin is for professionals and Facebook is a general purpose platform for every age group and all kind of stuff.

As for a business Social media is a great way to develop your brand also provide general support. For example these days for a small business, Facebook Fan Page is more than enough for handle their online tasks such as promote their offers, communicate with potential customers and also even to provide some level of quick support to your clients. You no longer need to spend money for building a web site and maintain it. Social media presence is important for all business these days but it’s a must for internet related services like web hosting.

But it’s recommend  to have business web site too. No matter how great these social sites it’s always better to have your own website. After all  the site will be yours and nobody can remove it. Use these social media sites to promote your site and get it ranked better and also to get both traffic and clients to visit the site from those Social sites.

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