GigaRocket has Relaunched The Free VPS Service

Gigarocket Relaunch Free VPS Service

Yep! GigaRocket has Relaunched The Free VPS Service! This is a great news for those are interested in having a vps for just been active in their forum. The requirement is 25 quality posts before requesting a vps and then 15 posts per month to keep it. You won’t find a better deal than this anywhere else. So lets look at VPS specs,

  • 1 vCore CPU
  • 1GB Ram
  • 150GB Transfer
  • 25GB HDD Storage
  • Un-Managed

For what this VPS Good For ?

If you want to run a web server for several websites then this is perfect for you. Specially if you have a forum which has grown beyond shared hosting but you can’t afford a paid vps. I had this problem long time ago. I have started a Manga forum with a friend and it started growing way too fast for us. Got kicked out by several shared hosting providers and at end we managed to survive for about 2 years at Godaddy shared hosting. Then it become even too much for them. They told us to either upgrade to their vps plans or move out. This is when we realized Those unlimited resource offers are just pure bullshit. Those days there were not free hosting providers like GigaRocket. Also We were not  earning anything from the forum so it was very hard us to pay for servers. This is the reason why so many great forums sometimes simply vanish. Their own growth become their death. So GigiaRocket Free VPS are a perfect solution for this. Also if you like to learn linux there you have a good testing machine. So Apply Here >> Link

What this VPS is NOT For ?

If you want to run a Game Server then this is not the place for you. They do not allow game servers. I know this won’t sit well with many but that’s their choice. Game servers usually give more trouble than a free service can handle. You get all kinds of things like DDOS attacks, brute force attacks etc. All other usual illegal stuff are not allowed. I don’t know about their adult content policy but I guess those are not allowed either.

What is the Catch ?

All you have to do is first make 25 quality posts and then apply for a VPS. If mods are happy with quality of your posts then you will get your server with in 24 hours most of the time.Once you receive it all you have to do it make 15 posts per month. If you make one post a  day then you only need to make posts for 15 days. So basically all you need to do  make a post or topic in once in 2 days. If you look for a free vps then it won’t get any easier than this. There was a time we had to do about 50 posts per month to get a smaller server than this at other providers. If you think 15 posts are too much then you should go fo paid hosting.

How to do Quality Posts

This is very important. Often new members try to make posts way too fast so they can get a vps fast. This doesn’t work most of the time. If you write one line posts then your application will be rejected. It’s not hard to make quality posts. All you have to do it make sensible and long posts. It doesn’t has to be a paragraph. Just, if you are posting your opinion then add the reasons why you think like that. If you like a movie then explain why do you like it. If you are writing about something you dislike then add the reason for that. You can easily make quality posts this way.


There are only 2 legit free vps providers in market today. Post4VPS and GigaRank. Post4VPS is good as GigaRank They have more variety of servers with different specs. Downside is you need to make 50s posts before apply for a server and they do give away only once a month. So there is bit of waiting periods. If you are in a hurry then GigaRank could be better for you since all you need to do it make those 25 quality posts. You can do this in 2-3 days max. Some might able to do it in 1 day too. Even if you don’t need  a server now and you might need one in future then start posting. This way by the time you really need a server you will be ready to apply for it without any delay.

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