Hello World Post

Hello World

So here’s the traditional hello world post but a revamped version. There aren’t much to say in this post apart from I signup for GigaRank.net 2 days ago and started posting. They offer both cPanel Shared hosting and Free vps hosting. Shared hosting needs only 10 quality posts and it seems it’s mandatory before requesting a free vps.

The shared hosting package comes with a free sub domain so I picked gigapages.net. It’s already indexed in Google and I couldn’t find anything wrong. Usual problem with free sub domains offered by free hosting providers is users abuse these and Google ends up landing penalties on those and at end these names get de-index. So I usually check this because start using a free sub domain.

I like he GigaRank.net forum. It has lots of boards about various topics so easy to be active around. I have already made 42 posts in two and half days!! I guess I will stay around a week of see and posts bit more before requesting a vps. I’m not in a hurry to get a free vps so I can wait a bit more. for shared hosting you need only 10 posts and for free vps you need another 40 posts. After than it’s 30 posts per month.

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